STJ Earthmoving

At STJ Earthmoving, our top priority is ensuring only the best-finished product for all mining, civil, government and local projects we undertake. The machinery we use is well maintained, helping our staff to safely and efficiently perform jobs of all sizes.

Specialising in all aspects of earthmoving, you can contact us to assist with your next job.


At STJ Earthmoving, our staff are highly experienced in the construction of dams. Your project will be completed with the correct planning and execution, helping you with the sustainability of your property. Contact our dam construction specialists today for more information.


With specialised equipment on hand, STJ Earthmoving can clear land for farmers, in preparation for your chosen development, for fire breaks, power and fence lines, roads, as mine site preparation and much more. This includes ripping rocks for farmers. If you have land or a block that requires clearing, call or email us today.


STJ Earthmoving is dedicated to helping farmers prepare paddocks for new seasonal crops. By using our team in your renewal program, you are giving your paddock the best possible start. Call or email us today to arrange our paddock preparation services.


As a key contractor for Ergon Energy/Flash Powerlink, we help to maintain the remote access tracks used to service North Queensland's main power source. At STJ Earthmoving, we have experience with large, integeral projects, as well as small local jobs. For all enquiries, please contact our staff.
Regularly working with farmers and agricultural property owners, STJ Earthmoving is highly experienced in vegetation and erosion control. Our management services are also utilised by the civil and mining industries, as well as for government projects. Discuss your options now and contact us.
With well-maintained machinery and specialised equipment, our staff will do the job right the first time. Some of the specialised equipment we use includes:

  • D7R Series II Caterpillar dozer
  • D7R Caterpillar dozer
  • Mack body truck
  • Caterpillar excavator
  • Blade plough
  • Cobra rake
  • Stick rakes
  • Scrub chain

If you have a specialised job that needs a professional earthmoving team, contact us at STJ Earthmoving today.